jueves, 10 de diciembre de 2015

My last hello...

Hello guys

This is my last post. Sometimes I was like write in blog, but other days my imagination fly away from my mind and I didn’t know what write.

I’m really bad writing in english – for me is more easy understand the “listening” – and a lot of days I took too long do some. But these exercises work to me, because I learn and practice a lot. I learn to my classmates about things that they like and about their lives.

The only thing that would change was the time. After lunch and Friday is a terrible combination. We are all tired and boring to study and only want go home or go to “pastos” for relax. That’s one of reason that my imagination not works. And with spring and summer gets worse.

Maybe, in english 4 – if I approve –, we can write stories. I think that would be an interesting and funny post to do and read. Perhaps do poetry or videos. I don’t know. Make other think more interesting.

I enjoyed this class. I had fun. The classmates are funny and most of ambient music that put the teacher while writing was very good.  

Bye everyone and I hope see you next semester.

Good luck.


miércoles, 9 de diciembre de 2015

London, beautiful London

Hi everyone

I’m going to talk about one of my dream places: London! I read a lot of fantasy, crimes and drama books with stories that take a place in London. To this is added the fact that today I see many British series. I imagined many times going to Europe, specifically London, and I will. My mom always laugh of me saying “you just want go to London for the tea time”, because I’m an addicted. I love all the flavors, colors and smells of any kind of tea. Well, on second thought, it is a very good reason hahaha. I really like all history from England, like castle or magic or tea time.

Realistically, one of my dreams – and the reason for why I’m study journalism – is traveling. Travel around the world, learning things, learning language, learning other cultures. There is a big world outside of confines, waiting for us, waiting to be found. When I think that, I make little plans on my mind, looking for ways to get out from routine and just fly away.

Last one sound very hippie, but sometimes is not bad want a little escape.

Favorite photo

Hi guys

Today I'm going to talk about one of my favorite photo. Last summer me and my family go to south of Chile. My uncle (mom’s brother) has a friend that worked in “Caja Los Andes” and he had discount on cabins located on the banks of river Llanquihue. So we prepared family holidays with my maternal family. It was me, my mom, dad, little sister; my uncle, his wife and son (my little cousin); and my grandmother and aunt. We go for a week and one of that days, my other uncle go with his wife and his sons (my other little cousins, I’m the oldest cousin). That vacation was beautiful because we united as a family and share many pretty and funny moments together.

We travelled a lot. We visited many popular and magic places. This photo was taken in Puerto Montt. This sculpture is one of more popular thing about that city. The “Sentados frente al mar” even has a song. You can see the people who live with me, and most important to me: my little sister, my mom and my dad.

We really enjoyed this trip very much. And I never forget it. 

viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2015


Hi, I’m going to talk about music. This month was a very musician. 4 of November was a very special date for me. I saw Pearl Jam, one of my favorite bands in the world. They are a grunge/rock group and you song are very poetics. I’m in love of Eddie Vedder, the vocalist. They sing more than 20 songs and it’s was amazing. In first place, we were (Ale, my friend and me) to close from stage. Like 3 or 4 lines. But when started, all people get crazy. Jumping, punching, kicking and singing. It got to the point that I ask for help because I could not breathe. They took me off, to nursery and I drank 2 bottles of water. Ah, I forget to say that my friends get lose. The people swallow her. When I recovered, I go to public again because I could not miss me that amazing concert.

When finalize, I found my friend, and both says “the best fucking concert in our life”. She was taken off too but us enjoying a lot. Next day to concert I had 4 or 5 bruising in my body. Marks war.

Today I’m going to see Perotá Chingó. I don’t know if they are Argentineans or Uruguayans band, but they are completely different to Pearl Jam. Is music more relax and folkloric. I’m very excited.

And yesterday Coldplay confirmed in Chile. I’m very happy for that.   

P.d: The titule of my blog is a Pearl Jam song. 

viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2015

Macondo, Macondo!


I’m talk about an expert on you field. I’m second years of journalism, but I’m no real sure about that. I can talk about many journalists, but only one is my favorite: Gabriel García Márquez.

I had to read “cien años de soledad” to school and from that moment I falling in love for his writing. I searched him and I started to read and read and read. I’m more close to this kind of writing (very narrative, poetic and like novels) that report news in moment. I think we need more class to prepare that kind of writing. And it’s not only writing but also the great journalistic work there behind. The reportage that he did, require time. Very long time. And in university all works are simple and we present in a very short time.

When he dies, the world missed one of the best journalists in history. I think he was an expert on your field: chronic and reportage. He could mix 2 things that in moment were impossible to connect: news and novels. That connection was in writing area, because he didn’t invented reportage. He do an excellent job.

viernes, 6 de noviembre de 2015

Dog Lovers

We are family dog lovers. When I was a little girl, like 18 years ago, had my first dog. A son of friends from my parents, he arrived with a dog. They lived in a very restrict apartment, so they could not have pets and we stayed with her. It was supposed to be for a couple of months, but we falling in love. We call her Luna and she was the most beautiful and spoiled dog in world. She growing up, always inside of home, so never sterilizes. But, sometimes, she escaped and had love affairs. And months later we had tiny little dogs. This happened like 5 o 6 times and my parents always searching people who wants cute puppies.

Nine years later, when we changed of house to a apartment, we had to give to my grandparents. Luna never got used, and she dies. I always had doubts about her die because my grandparents live with an uncle family, and his wife is a bitch. She always hates me and my family and we have trouble since ever. Sometimes I thought she give poison o something. Sound like some movie but we know (my family and me) what she might do.

For a long time we didn’t want a pets because this confusing, sad and horrible situation. Three years ago, my friend had a lot of cats. I hate cats, but in a fight with my little sister, she won and I asked to my parents if we can help her having a little cat. They say yes in the moment because we go through the same situation with the puppies of Luna. And we adopted a little black cat. We named Negro (very original). Later we had another dog called Koda, but for a reason we couldn’t stay with him.

And few months ago, we have another dog: Rafa. Is so spoiled and I love him a lot. He sleeps with me and always licks my hands. 

viernes, 16 de octubre de 2015

Really hard decision

I love see series but if I have to choose only one, I really can’t. I saw more than 5 series complete and I follow more than 5. I really love. It’s an addiction because I said to me “just one more chapter” and I can’t make true this promise. Always happens something in that chapter and I NEED see the next one. And I lose lots of hours in that, but I don’t care.

Is complicated choose just one, but I think some of my favorite are Friends, Game of Thrones, Dr House, Malcolm in the Middle, Sherlock, The Walking Dead and Dr Who. They are to different one of the others respect to gender, but I like comedy, suspense and magic one in same way.

September and October are new season time. All that US or UK series have new season in this period and I’m so happy. Last week started The Walking Dead, sixth season, the only series that I see with my family. Very educational and beautiful to see with my parents and my little sister jajaja.


Bye :)